Usada Respiratory Tract

Usada Barracks

Usada Barak Price: IDR 75,000
Usada Barak + Sprayer: IDR 100,000

Usada Barak Bali is an innovative Herbal medicine based on local wisdom and has been empirically proven. Usada Barak is able to help relieve throat and nasal congestion accompanied by disorders in the respiratory tract and as a refreshing aromatherapy.

Here are the main main benefits of Usada Barak Bali:

Streamlining Breathing
Relieves breathing, relieves shortness of breath, and improves sleep quality so that it is useful as a preventive measure during a pandemic

Strengthening the Body's Endurance
Empirically proven to speed up the healing process of COVID-19 OTG patients by helping to reduce viral loads.

Increase Oxygen Saturation
Help reduce symptoms that accompany respiratory diseases such as asthma, shortness of breath and sinusitis

The Effectiveness of Usada Barak Bali Therapy

Usada Barak is produced through a manufacturing process starting from raw material handling to packaging with standards that refer to the Protocol for Good Traditional Medicine Manufacturing (CPOTB) which has been given by the Indonesian Ministry of Health and the implementation of quality control to ensure the effect and efficacy of the product according to with standardized parameters

Usada Barak is used as therapy for COVID-19 OTG patients in several quarantine facilities in collaboration with the Bali Provincial Health Office, around 1200 patients participated in the usada barak therapy effectiveness test from 1 to 31 July 2020. From the data it was reported that only 1% of patients had referred to the hospital which means about 99% of the patients who received the Usada Barak steam therapy recovered which was confirmed by PCR-S. From the study conducted, the majority of OTG patients (95%) reported a positive effect of giving Usada Barak steam therapy. The effects felt by the patient were improving the quality of sleep, a sense of relief in the airways and the disappearance of nasal congestion.

Is the wine at Usada Barak the same as the wine on the market?
No, the wine used is the result of organic extracts obtained from special distributors whose levels have been adjusted for medicinal purposes so that they are safe for health.

What is the principle of using Usada Barak's products?
Usada Barak is not used by drinking but by inhalation, it can use boiling water vapor or with the help of a nano spray/nebulizer/portable evaporator.

Composition of Usada Barak

The content of ethanol with a concentration of 16-20 v/v% can act as a respiratory tract disinfectant that is useful for moisturizing and helping to clean the inside of the respiratory tract by stimulating the nose to expel mucus or snot thereby accelerating the process of removing foreign particles including viruses.

Citrus Hystrix Extract
Research has shown that the essential oil contained in Citrus hystrix has the effect of inhibiting pathogenic bacteria in the respiratory system1 and has traditionally been used in colds and flu.

Eucalyptus oleum
Clinical trials indicate that inhaled eucalyptus oil can have an anti-inflammatory (anti-swelling) effect. The antiviral activity of eucalyptus oil can inhibit the influenza virus (H1N1) by in vitro assay. Meanwhile, the content of eucalyptol is proven to have mucolytic effects (increases mucus/phlegm production) and bronchodilator properties (relaxes breathing).

Usada Respiratory Tract

Dosage & Usage

Usada Barracks is suitable for children over 6 years old, adults, and the elderly.

From the calculation of the dose, the alcohol content in the Usada Barak product is 20% and will be absorbed by the body around 0.45 – 0.5 mg/L while the concentration that causes the hangover effect is 2 mg/L so that the inhalation of usada barak is not intoxicating and does not cause a hangover. dependency.
  • 1x treatment requires 1ml of liquid medicine (1ml is equivalent to 30 drops of medicine).  
  • It is not recommended to use it more than 3 times a day.
  • For ease of use in steam, it is recommended to use a special sprayer to maintain safety and prevent unwanted side effects.
How to use with nano Spray:
  1. Prepare a Nano spray tool (to just charge the battery).
  2. Put 20 drops of Usada Barak into the Nanospray.
  3. Press / Slide down the ON button until there is a blue light and steam comes out.
  4. Take a deep breath and inhale the steam through the nose for 1-2 minutes and exhale through the mouth. Use for 2-3 times a day.

BPOM Certificate

Usada Barak's products have guaranteed safety and efficacy according to the rules of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) with the issuance of the POM distribution permit number TR203682391

Usada Barak Price: IDR 75,000
Usada Barak + Sprayer: IDR 100,000